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Let's talk for a second about the elephant in the room when it comes to entrepreneurship: Accountability (or the lack thereof). It's time to get real: We are often the biggest thing standing in the way of our own success. Whether it's procrastination, overwhelm, or simply lacking the fire to get started, some form of resistance stands between us and achieving our goals. I'm here to help.

Find your Minneapolis, MN accountability coach Katrina Widener

What Is an accountability coach?

I work alongside you to make sure that your goals get achieved in the time frame you're looking for -- no excuses allowed. It takes a high level of commitment and focus to get your big-ticket items done. I'm here to give you someone to answer to, someone who won't let you off the hook, and someone who is not going to let you justify why you didn't get things done.

Accountability is a big deal, and an accountability coach is here to help. If there's a hit of fear buzzing in the back of your head that's a good thing. It means you're ready to stand up and take responsibility for your actions. It means you're taking your goals seriously.

Whether you're overly ambitious, prone to procrastination, great with ideas and not so strong with execution -- I'm here for you. Let's work together to cross those to-do's off the list.


What This Looks Like:

  • One initial in-person or phone/webcam session

  • Weekly 30-minute phone check-ins throughout the rest of the month

Working with me as your accountability coach starts pretty simply. We'll schedule an initial commitment meeting where we dig deep into what's really holding you back. We'll establish the following:

  • Exactly what you'd like to get done and why

  • The timeline you'd like it done in

  • What's been holding you back so far

  • The plan of attack for achieving your goal

  • And most importantly: The penalty for not achieving this. Please note: This is non-negotiable.

You'll leave your first meeting with a very specific plan of what to do, weekly check-ins with me to hold you accountable, and a very clear idea of what will happen if you don't follow through. Finish your goal before the month is over? Great! We can either celebrate or make plans to set up a new one


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