How What You Wear Can Lead To Self Acceptance

Tips regarding self acceptance from life coach Katrina Widener

When I was a child, I loved to wear dresses. One of my first memories was of a knit tank top dress -- white, covered in cherries, with a ruffle around the bottom. I would wear it as often as I was allowed to, and when I outgrew it, my Teddy bear inherited it. You couldn’t get me away from skirts that flew out when I twirled, or pretty dresses with big bows.

When I reached high school, I got a crush on a boy who wore black skinny jeans and band T-shirts all the time. Therefore, I loved anything black and out there, wanting so badly to emulate what he wore. My sister loves to show off this photo of me from back then: heading out to watch a teen band play, safety pin necklace, black nail polish, some pink dye in my hair, and a grin full of braces.

College rolled around, and I went to a private school where Greek life ruled and most kids had their college tuition taken care of. Here I delved into the prep scene, wearing skinny jeans and Sperrys, matching my friends Northfaces (although I never made it as far as Uggs). Again, an entirely new look took its turn.

Now that I’m on my own, outside of a school or even work uniform, I’m finally coming to terms with the real sense of style that fits who I am. I still love dresses (some things never change), and black is still a prominent part of my wardrobe. But I’ve realized myself again. It’s so easy to take a look at the people around us, and see what they’re doing, and adopt it for yourself. Many times we’re afraid of not fitting in, of standing out from the crowd. It wasn’t until I didn’t have a crowd to fit into that I reverted back to what I like, to what looks good on me, and what fits just right for my authentic self.

Coaching is the same way. I have spent my entire life picking jobs or places to live based off the people or outside influences coming my way. It wasn’t until I sat down and tried to figure out what I wanted in my life -- not in terms of money, or career, or relationships -- but what I wanted to feel every day. I figured out what made me feel that way now, and how I could transform that feeling into my life goal. Answer? Coaching. It’s my authentic self, it’s how I come alive. So now I get to spend my days living my best life (and looking like my most real self). How cool is that?!

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