Why You Should Give Your Subconscious the Middle Finger

give your subconscious the middle finder

I’m going to start by making a very simple, but clear distinction: You are not the voice inside your head. You are not your subconscious. And you have the choice whether or not to listen to it. 

When I talk to entrepreneurs about the things that keep them from operating on their highest, most badass levels, the number one thing that comes up is their mindset. It’s not a lack of marketing, it’s not the fact that they are struggling with their website copy, it’s not their taxes. It’s their lack of confidence, their self doubt, their struggle with imposter syndrome.

AKA, it’s the little voice inside their head saying they can’t do it.

We all have it. No one is spared the commentary of that little voice (and if someone tells you they don’t have it, they’re either trying to push it down with bravado or they’re lying). Sometimes it tells you that you’ll never measure up. Sometimes it tells you you’re a fool for trying. Sometimes it tells you that everyone will judge you. Sometimes it tells you that no one likes you. But whatever it’s telling you, you get to choose whether or not to believe it.

Imagine you’re having a conversation with your mom. And while her intentions are entirely pure – she’s only trying to protect you – she ends up making you feel worse than you did beforehand. Maybe you’ve had this experience with a spouse. Or a boss. Or a sibling. Or a friend.

But we all know what that feels like. And we all know we have the option to ignore it or to move forward anyway. 

The big secret that no one talks about is that we have the option to do that with our brains as well. What your brain tells you shouldn’t automatically be accepted as fact. You get to listen to the words it tells you and make your own decision whether or not to move forward anyway.

Michael Singer’s “The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself” goes into detail about this: “There is nothing more important to true growth than realizing you are not the voice of the mind – you are the one who hears it.”

The misperceptions and lies that your brain tells you has the power to affect your entire life. What you move forward with, your relationship with anxiety and stress, your personal and professional growth, your relationships with others, the list goes on forever. As Zachary Levi once mentioned, “It is so important to respect the power of our own minds, while recognizing its fallibility. Often we must love ourselves in spite of our own self-destructive thoughts.”

So give those self-deprecating thoughts the middle finger. Give your brain the opportunity to say its piece, then do the thing anyway. Prove it wrong. Because your true power is bigger than that little voice has ever been.

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