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As your life coach and business coach, I'm here to help you finally start “owning it” in your business. I’m your sounding board, biggest fan, and kick-in-the-pants to get you where you want to go, whether it’s finally feeling like you've stopped spinning your wheels in your business, mastering that work-life balance, or finding clarity on what direction you want to take entrepreneurship in next.

Katrina services the following areas within the cities and surrounding metro area:  Rochester MN Woodbury MN Apple Valley MN Blaine MN St Louis Park MN St Paul MN Minneapolis MN Excelsior MN Bloomington MN Burnsville MN Plymouth MN Golden Valley MN

What Is entrepreneur coaching?

We'll start by sitting down together to figure out what’s working in your life, what isn’t, and why. We'll dive deep into your unique personality, values, and mindset (no cookie-cutter advice here!) to build the foundation of where you are today to set the stage for where you're going.

I follow a strategic and focused combination of self-exploration and actionable steps to help you face your fears, toss aside self-doubt and insecurity, and finally find the clarity and confidence you're looking for.

Being your life coach is not just a job for me. This is what I was born to do. I have a natural ability to help you find (and change!) your limiting beliefs, move past that “stuck” feeling, and I’ll never judge you or let you lose yourself in your fears. Together we'll figure out exactly what your goals are and then we'll achieve them.

When you have to juggle all the stresses of life, family, hobbies, finances, and starting a business, she really helped give me clarity and direction. All my goals seemed so much easier to accomplish.
— Ashley Messer


(three month minimum)

What This Looks Like:

  • Two in-person or phone/webcam sessions per month

  • Limited phone and email support throughout the month

  • Action items to keep you moving between sessions

  • Recaps sent after every meeting including homework and items you're accountable for

Working with me as your life coach is a personal journey, where we use a combination of set strategies and customized steps to provide you with incredible self-discovery, growth, and goal achievement. Here are some of the topics I help clients with:

  • Mastering mindset: Identifying outdated beliefs, fears, healing negativity, and finding your inner strength

  • Marketing: nailing down your ideal client, getting clear on newsletters, social media, copywriting, and authenticity

  • Goal-setting, follow-through, and accountability for your actions

  • Imposter syndrome and finding your confidence

  • The danger of burnout and how to find your balance

  • Clarity on YOU: your personality, passions, inspirations, and more

I needed someone who could steer me into the direction that would be with my best interests in mind. Katrina is that person for me. As my life coach, she walked me through all my fears and helped me rearrange what I was doing in my life. Together we created a plan for me to work on and helped me move forward with what I needed.
— Danielle Pebbles

I limit the number of clients I coach to provide our partnerships with the focused, individual attention they deserve. I promise to stay focused on you and your desired outcomes, providing the guidance to achieve them, while reminding you are the one ultimately responsible for your results, which I cannot guarantee. Note: 
My life coaching clients are honest, motivated people ready to make a change in their lives. In return, I'm here to make it happen for them.

I truly believe we should work together if:

  • You lack clarity, self-love, and confidence.

  • You’re looking for a change in your life but aren't exactly sure what your purpose is.

  • You already know what path you want to be on, but don’t know how to get there.

  • You’re already on your best journey but need help taking it to the next level.

  • You’re tired of asking yourself if this is all life has in store for you and you're not willing to settle.

However, we should not work together if:

  • You’re not ready to commit to the life coaching process and the work required to change your life.

  • You’re negative, unkind, or dishonest.

  • You’re dealing with severe trauma or mental health issues. I am not qualified as a therapist or counselor to provide you with the help that you need.


The only reason why life coaching wouldn’t work for you is if you're not ready to change your life and do the work. I can’t force someone to take control of their circumstances. As long as you are ready and prepared, the work will get done!

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