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Testimonial from artist Danielle Pebbles

I needed a voice of reason. I was at the lowest point I had ever been in my life. I had the love of my friends and family, but I needed more. I needed someone who could steer me into the direction that would be with my best interests in mind. Katrina is that person for me. As my life coach, she walked me through all my fears and helped me rearrange what I was doing in my life. Together we created a plan for me to work on and helped me move forward with what I needed. It was easy to follow, and it wasn't judgmental. 

She had me answering hard questions about my beliefs on money, work, and my identity. She helped me figure out what I wanted out of life and to evaluate what I was taught. I pushed back, I had a million excuses. She broke them down, then I broke them down. It made me start looking at my life in a completely different way. 

Now I have a plan. A plan that is attainable. A plan that was made with her guidance. I am moving towards the goals I need and now I have better tools to work with. I chose to work with Katrina because I want to have the best for me and my family. I want to be decisive and committed to a happy, growing life and I have Katrina to thank for that. Thank you. Thank you for being that voice that I needed. I know I wasn't an easy client. Thank you for asking me the tough questions and allowing me to create the path I needed.

DANIELLE pebbles

For the first time in my whole life, I feel like my fuzzy vision of the future is clearing, and I’m STOKED!!

Katrina is a light. I really respond well to her confident, yet soft and relatable approach to coaching. When I met with Katrina, I was on the brink of making a major life shift that would be bigger than I could have ever imagined or planned for. She asked just the right questions to help me truly connect with what I wanted to do next and gave me practical action steps on which direction to start moving forward in CONFIDENCE! It was a defining moment and a catalyst for the next phase of my life and my business. Her constant encouragement to keep opening myself up to what the universe has for me is constantly shifting my perspective and changing my life. Not just because it's a nice thought... but because it WORKS. You have to work with Katrina. Hands down. She'll help you connect with your inner powerhouse.

susan shannon

Working with Katrina was one of the best things I did for my business (and my life)! The accountability, motivation, and insight she provided were exactly what I needed. I’m so grateful for our time together and would recommend Katrina to anyone!
— Emily Stock

I wasn’t sure what to expect from a life coach since this was my first experience working with one. I can say she did not disappoint me. I finally had an opportunity to really work on myself and figure out what things in life mattered the most to me. When you have to juggle all the stresses of life, family, hobbies, finances, and starting a business, she really helped give me clarity and direction. All my goals seemed so much easier to accomplish.

I highly recommend Katrina as a life coach for anyone who’s looking to make improvements with themselves. She knows how to make someone feel comfortable opening up with personal problems, she’s very professional, and I personally hope to work with her again.

ashley messer

I hired Katrina after finding her website and I loved everything she had to say, it was exactly what I was looking for! I had never met her before and our coaching sessions felt very comfortable like we had been friends all along. She helped me discover my life values and guided me to get to the right mindset to achieve very important long term goals. She helped me feel way more confident with myself and my business.

Another thing that I loved about our time together was that she held me accountable! I got more things done than I had expected and now I feel so much better about where I am at in my process. Thank you for everything, Katrina!

Testimonial from Heather Hanson Photography

Katrina has been inspiring me to take my small business to the next level with real-world questions and tips that challenge the way I look at myself as an entrepreneur and a photographer. I always look forward to our meetings and always leave feeling re-energized and ready to take on the world!! I cannot recommend her enough.

heather hanson


I loved working with Katrina for the months leading up to launching my company. When I met Katrina, I had all the ideas in my head and Katrina helped me become more organized and in return I was acting on my goals. She is easy to talk to, fun to be with, and has something about her that makes you feel comfortable and cared for. Katrina would give me assignments to complete in-between our sessions and I was always taken aback by the breakthroughs and “aha” moments I would have while working with her. My time with Katrina was motivating and encouraging and I gained skills that will help me both professionally and personally. 

April Ginsberg

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