How Organization = Self Care

How organization is a part of self care

Think about your cluttered kitchen cabinet, your messy junk drawer full of things to throw out, your closet jammed to the point of overflowing with clothing you don't wear -- the truth is, these things don't just affect your living spaces. They seep into all over aspects of your life. If your home is in chaos, so is everything else.

So often, I find clients or connections who try to launch or grow their business in a big way, but find themselves lacking confidence and clarity. Then I find out their home is stuffed with things they don't use, things that don't reflect who they are, and things that aren't adding value to their life. And then they're surprised when they find resistance moving forward in their relationships, careers, or personal growth.

The trick is, we have to think of organization the way we think about mindset work. Organization is a practice. It's a muscle that requires consistency and dedication to grow. And when we feel that we are capable of maintaining that growth, it brings accomplishment to our minds. And more importantly, it brings peace into our lives.

If you know me well, you know I have been a big fan of organizing my entire life. The books in my home are color-coded. I clear out my belongings for charity every 3-4 months. Even as a child, I couldn't go to sleep until all of my toys were hidden out of my sight. Frankly, it stresses me out too much. 

When most people think about organization, it stresses them out just as much. It seems like too much to handle, especially when thinking of an entire home, garage, shed, etc. that all needs to be tackled. What they don't think about though, is that organization is addicting. It is motivating. You finish one area, and you can't wait to bring that calm to another place in your home.

So here are my top steps for doing it for yourself! This is what my clients and I focus on, and it's proven to be the most effective.

Step 1:
Ask yourself why you haven't been able to maintain organization up to this point. Does it seem too overwhelming? Do you tell yourself you're just not an organized person (if so, start organizing and BOOM you're an organized person)? Do you have a fear of scarcity, that if you let anything go you won't have enough? Answer whatever fears and disempowering beliefs you have, replacing them with ones that leave you feeling confident and ready to go.

Step 2: 
Let go of any shame or embarrassment you may be holding onto about your disorganization. I'll tell you a secret: No one really cares that you're not organized. I promise. And if you're accepting of it and choose to move forward, you'll simply inspire them to do the same.

Step 3: 
Pick one small area of the home, and set a timer for 15 minutes. Devote only that amount of time to organizing. It could be one drawer, it could be one closet, it could be one cabinet. Just get started.

Step 4:
Just keep going. Once you get started, you'll see what you're capable of. You'll want to keep going. You'll crave that order and calm from the organized parts of your life in all parts of your life. You'll feel empowered and ready to take on any project. I see it happen time and time again with all of my organization clients. 

What has been your experience with organization? Share with me in the comments below, or join the party on my Instagram and share there:


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