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top instagram apps

Instagram is today's hottest social media trend for entrepreneurs, and it's no wonder. It's a brilliant place to share what your purpose is, who you are, and give a sneak peek of your products and services to potential clients or customers. So how do we nail down the perfect Insta post? Let me share a few of my top apps to give you that picture-perfect shot every time. 

Consistent editing just may be the most important thing for your Instagram account. If you think big picture, customer experience is time and time again the thing that gets (and more importantly keeps!) clients. So consistency on Instagram in all ways, especially editing, is the first step. VSCO is my personal favorite editing app. There is a specific type of editing that I do for every single photo on my account (same exposure, contrast, saturation, etc.) and VSCO makes it incredibly easy! I have it saved as what they call a "recipe" in the app so I only have to click one button to apply it every time. Switching back and forth between filters, brightness, editing styles, and more provides an inconsistent experience for your followers, and VSCO makes it easy to navigate.

There are so many benefits to Planoly, it's sometimes hard to keep track of them all! Scheduling, posting tracking, analytics, etc. (even on the free plan!). But the number one reason why I love it? It allows you to easily plan the layout of your Instagram grid. And trust me, this is a game-changer. The first impression a possible new follower will have of you is your feed! You want it to look cohesive, like the social media equivalent of a magazine or lookbook for your brand. Control the way your visual story looks with Planoly.

Okay, this one only applies to Apple product owners. We all know what live photos are -- they record 1.5 seconds before and after the photo is taken and makes it into a little movie. But you can only see that recording if you hold down the photo on your home! Lively transforms that mini-movie into an actual .gif that you can then post on your Insta account. It's super simple, but seriously so amazing! 

Instagram stories are THE THING now. It's how you get visibility with your followers, it's how you beat any algorithms, it's how you share bite-size pieces of your life with your people. And they only last 15 seconds. So when you're telling a story or announcing a product, how about we skip the whole record-a-minute-long-clip-in-15-second-increments and just record one video instead? CutStory takes your pre-recorded videos of any length and cuts them into 15-second segments for you! Makes posting video on Instagram stories that. much. easier.

Giant Square:
We've all seen those accounts that take a grid of two, three, six, or more to showcase one photo -- just divided into different quadrants. But do we know how they do it? Giant Square. You can see how it looks in advance, you can choose multiple pictures, do squares or panoramas, endless combinations! 

Yup, that's right. The Notes app that comes built into any iPhone is one of the top tools that I literally use every single time I post on Instagram. Why you ask? Every time you see someone post a caption with breaks in-between their paragraphs, they wrote it using the Notes app, then copied and pasted it into Insta. Since the 'gram doesn't allow you to uses breaks in-app, it's everyone's favorite way around the rule. 

Share your favorite Instagram apps with me in the comments below, or join the party on my Instagram and share there:

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