Treating Ourselves How We Treat Others

be kind to yourself

We are constantly our own worst critics. I can't tell you how often I've heard coworkers, friends, and family members speak down to themselves. From the blatantly cruel ("I can't believe I'm so stupid" or "idiot, idiot, idiot") to the subconscious critiques ("I've never been good with numbers" or "I'm socially awkward"), our words become our truths. Not only are you lowering your own self esteem when you speak down to yourself, but you are also bringing your negative thoughts into reality.

If you truly believe that you aren't good with numbers, you'll never be able to handle your own finances. If you believe you are socially awkward, your interactions with others will fall flat of your hopes. We need to learn to treat ourselves the way that we treat our friends or family. I would never call a friend of mine stupid or idiot if they made a mistake -- why do we think it's okay to talk about ourselves that way? 

The Golden Rule is to treat others the way you'd want to be treated. The Platinum Rule is to treat others they way they'd want to be treated. So how do you want to be treated? Ask yourself this question, and then start treating yourself this way. Because if you don't, why would anyone else?

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