Choosing Love Over Fear

making decisions based off love instead of fear

One of the things I believe in the most in this world is that the majority of people make their life decisions based off fear. Where they live, what their career is, who they spend their time with, how they spend their time -- oftentimes regardless of the question, the answer is defined by fear. 

I won't pretend I'm perfect. I too spent the majority of my life basing all my decisions off fear. I worked in a job I couldn't get excited about because I was afraid of not knowing what would happen if I left. I've fought for friendships that no longer served me because I was afraid of feeling the sting of leaving someone behind. I lived in a guarded state in almost all of my relationships, even ones that had been meaningful for years. I hid my true self because I was afraid of being exposed for who I truly am.

But the truth is, none of that served me. I was living at the base level of my potential, unaware and unwilling to realize the power I held within me. And as I've started to follow my fear instead of hide from it, I've learned what I'm capable of. I now value that uncomfortable feeling, and revel in what it's like to show up on the other side of it stronger and more sure of myself than ever.

Whenever I find myself making a decision, I always ask how much power I'm willing to give to fear before I choose my path. Because there are only two paths we can take: one lined with love, and one denying ourselves of our truth because we are afraid. As soon as I broke it down into these simple terms, it became easy. Love always beats fear. 

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