Five Steps to Start Following Your Passion

how to start following your passion

You probably clicked on this title because you feel like there’s something missing from your life, or you have a desire to do more. This is exactly how travel writer and blogger Lindsey Ranzau felt before she launched her blog, Look About Lindsey. Get her tips and tricks for following your passion in this special guest blog!


I have a full time job, but something has always pulled me to do more. When I first started my blog, I had a strong desire (and still do!) to inspire people to explore, whether around Minnesota or overseas. I feel so lucky to be able to pursue this passion, but although it might look easy and fun to others, I now know (as all other entrepreneurs also know), that there’s A LOT of hard work that goes into starting your own “thing,” whatever that thing may be.

So, here are 5 steps to start following your passion. Because getting started is the hardest part!

Step One: Find your passion

This might sound really easy to some, but this was a hard step for me! I never used to know what my passion was, I just knew that I felt like I lost a lot of my identity after college. I was no longer part of multiple organizations and was now working full time and found that I was spending most of my free time watching Netflix. I knew I could do so much more with my life than that!

After working with a life coach, I quickly learned that I had a strong passion to inspire people and get out and explore. Maybe you already know yours, but if you don’t, ask yourself: What you would do if you had a free week off from work? What things do your friends go to you for advice on? What are you doing in the majority of your Instagram photos? These are your passions, people!! Maybe it’s volunteering, photography, or making a fun product. Whatever it is, find the thing that gives you purpose.

Step Two: Start NOW

You might think that the next tip would be to make a plan. I’m a HUGE planner, so much that once I knew I wanted to start travel writing, I started over-planning. Someone then told me that I would never get started because I was too much of a perfectionist. And they were so right! I kept giving myself so many excuses for why I shouldn’t click “launch” on my blog, but once I accepted that it would never be perfect, things moved way quicker. It’s easier to get started and improve as you go, rather than making things absolutely perfect before you start. Plus, it’s so much fun to look back and see how far you’ve come!

Step Three: Stop comparing yourself to others

Everyone has a story to tell, and everyone’s story is different. When I first started travel writing, I would look at blogs and Instagram pages that were beautifully edited and organized and had a huge library of destinations. I thought, “Why would I write about this same thing when there’s already so much content out there?” However, the reality is that MY story is different and I’m on my own journey. It’s so tempting to copy what’s already out there, but you won’t be successful unless you find your unique voice and style. I now spend a lot of my time writing about local midwest destinations, which is something that sets me apart from people I used to compare myself to!

Step Four: Reach out to others

Speaking of others, there’s a lot to learn from them! And I don’t mean by obsessing over their website. I mean from the person themselves! I used to be so scared to reach out to people who I admired, but ended up meeting some of them at events around town. Once I met them in person I realized they were just a human like me! I then started reaching out to people just to hear their stories and so far everyone has been beyond happy to meet with me. I mean, when you think about it, who doesn’t like talking about themselves?! 

Anyway, if there is someone you think you could learn from, just shoot them a message on email or a social media. I usually say: “Hey! I love what you’re doing and especially loved [insert specific thing you identify with here]. I’m just getting started as a travel writer and am trying to connect with people who have similar passions. Would you be interested in grabbing coffee or happy hour with me in the next few weeks? My treat!” This time has been so valuable. I’ve learned so much and I’ve found great friends this way!

Step Five: Be consistent

This sounds really boring, but consistency is what’s going to help you succeed in the long run. Especially in the world of social media. You might not see results right away. That’s ok! Keep going and don’t care about what other people think (I struggle with this all the time!!). The more you keep posting photos on social media or the more you reach out to brands to connect, the more you are learning and improving. You never know what your breakthrough moment is going to be.

What’s your passion? Share it with us in the comments below, or join the party on my Instagram and share there:

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Lindsey Ranzau is a Minnesota-based travel writer who spends her time exploring everything from small town gems around the midwest to locations overseas. She is passionate about inspiring people to do the same, no matter where they live. There’s always something unique you can’t find anywhere else in the world! She can be found at // Insta // Facebook

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