How to Start Your Journey of Personal Development

how do I start personal development

I get asked pretty often how someone who is interested in personal development should get started. What comes first? How do they get involved? Well, I once heard an analogy for personal development that I absolutely love: Think of your mindset like a muscle. It’s either growing larger or smaller depending on whether or not you’re working it. So the way to get started is to simply start working that muscle.

Usually when I talk to someone who has already gotten into the personal development game, they can pinpoint that one moment when it all began. Usually it ties back to a book they read, a podcast they listened to, or someone they heard speak. Sometimes it’s a simple moment of deciding “I’m done with the way my life is going right now” and they seek it out themselves. Sometimes it happens unexpectedly. But it usually always starts with some sort of resource.

The good news is that personal development resources can be found all over the place! You can read a blog, listen to a podcast, follow someone on social media, attend a conference or workshop, find a book, use a workbook, or reach out to a life coach. In fact, you can find a ton of my personal favorites on my Resources page (or if you’re looking for something specific, feel free to email me on my Contact page!).

Really, it doesn’t matter how you get started, just that you do. Working that mindset muscle and taking control of your own life are the first steps to creating the world you want to live in.

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