Top 5 Entrepreneur Tools I Can’t Live Without

top business tools

When I meet with clients, I try to give them all the information I possibly can. I tell them all the tactics I’ve tried, the tips and tricks I’ve learned, and the tools I use to run my business.

So why not share with all of you?

I try to be as open and honest with the behind-the-scenes of my business as I can with all of you. So here’s a list of my must-have business tools (and why they’re the ones I turn to time and time again).

#1) Squarespace

When I first started my business, I was so intimidated by the idea of making a website. I don’t know how to code, I couldn’t afford to pay someone to create my site for me, and even if I did, I wouldn’t know how to update it after the fact.

Squarespace made it so easy for me. It’s what this website you’re reading is hosted by. Not only was the drag-and-drop function so simple for me to figure out on my own, but it has so many features you can’t get with other site hosts. Scheduler? Newsletters? SEO? Check, check, check! Seriously, I love it.

Check out Squarespace and their rates.

#2) Acuity Scheduling

Remember how I just mentioned Squarespace comes with a scheduler? It’s called Acuity, and it’s seriously a life saver. I’ve linked it with my Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, etc. and now my days of playing email tag with clients are over. All they have to do is click on the link I send them, select a type of meeting, select a date, and we’re booked. Easy as that!

Check out Acuity and their rates (free with Squarespace!).

#3) Planoly

If I want my Instagram feed to look clean, professional, and engaging, I have to plan it in advance. That’s where Planoly comes in. I can upload my photos, rearrange them in the grid however I want, and even add captions and post from the app! It makes my life so much easier, it means I can visualize things without any guesswork, and I seriously use it every day.

Check out Planoly and their rates (free membership is an option!).

#4) VSCO

This is where I edit all of my photos. Yes, all of them. I have it down to a science and can have a picture edited in less than 30 seconds thanks to this little time-saver. I have my most common edits saved in what’s called a “recipe”, so when I upload a photo, I apply the recipe, make a few teeny changes, and it’s ready to go in no time. It means my photos look consistent and professionally edited with almost no work. Major score.

Check out VSCO and their rates.

#5) Canva

If you want to know how I make my blog post images, marketing promo pics, you-name-it, I do the graphic design in Canva. I actually do have some experience with Adobe Suite, but in all honestly Canva is easier and faster. I have a set of 30 blog post templates that I just edit every time I need a new one, and it takes what could be a time-consuming task down to minutes (if you couldn’t tell, I’m all about efficiency!). They even provide templates themselves for you to start from — basically professional graphic design for beginners without the learning curve.

Check out Canva and their rates.

What are your favorite tools to use? Share in the comments below, or join the party on Instagram and share there:

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