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Why Every Entrepreneur (Yes, You!) Should Have an Email List

Why Every Entrepreneur (Yes, You!) Should Have an Email List

What is the number one thing most entrepreneurs want?

More business.

More clients/customers/products out the door/money in their pockets. More, more, more.

So we market ourselves. We create blog posts and podcasts, we advertise our services and post our products on social media. We use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube to reach our audience. We optimize our websites for search engines and we attend networking events like it’s nobody’s business. We send off cold call emails and we ask for referrals, go live on social media, sponsor events, and host giveaways. And we send newsletters.

How to Find Your Community

How to Find Your Community

One of the things we struggle the most with as humans is finding that person-to-person connection with others. Whether it’s finding a close friend group to support you, fellow colleagues and professionals to commiserate with, or a family to help us on our journey, relationships are at the heart and soul of any true balanced life.

So how do we find that community when we need it the most? Sometimes it feels so elusive, like everyone around it has one except for us. But here are the top tricks for finding your perfect community.

How to Gain Traction in Your Business


Raise your hand if you feel like you’re spinning your wheels in your business. I know I felt that way at first — like I was on a constant hamster wheel. Moving as fast as I could, but never getting anywhere. Never gaining any traction.

But the problem was I needed that traction. I needed to be moving forward, because quitting my job depended on it. I needed to start making money, and quickly.

So here’s a clear, open, and honest look at what I’ve done to move my business forward and gain the traction I so desperately needed.

#1) Know your workflow, and optimize it

Want to know the quickest way to feel like you don’t know what you’re doing? Don’t know exactly what you’re doing.

When I first started, I was winging every meeting I had. Don’t get me wrong — I had a vague idea of what I wanted to work on. But I wasn’t tracking my process from meeting to meeting, and that meant things were falling through the cracks.

My goal is to provide the very best experience I can for each of my clients. I want them to get the most of our time together, and that means having all of my resources at my disposal. Knowing exactly what to do, and when, made this so much easier.

Plus, it meant that I was more confident in each and every meeting, which is so important for feeling ready to move forward in your business.

#2) Get over yourself. And more importantly, your fear.

When I first started, I was afraid of feeling “salesy”. Who relates? Even though I had been in marketing for years, having my face be the only one behind the name (which was also mine) made me feel vulnerable, and so, so scared.

I didn’t want to email potential clients because I was afraid of offending them.

I didn’t want to talk about my business in meetups because I didn’t want people to be turned off by me.

I didn’t want to ask for help because I was afraid people would think I was using them.

But as time went on, I realized that if I was coming from a genuine, authentic place of service, I wouldn’t be annoying. Besides, everyone else is too busy thinking and worrying about themselves to pay you much attention. As one of my clients and I like to remind ourselves, “nobody’s watching, and nobody cares.”

#3) Align your products with your values, personality, and strengths

Are you excited about the things you’re offering? Do you dread client calls, or sitting down to do the work? Do you turn away potential customers simply because you don’t enjoy doing the work?

One of the biggest secrets to a successful business is doing something you enjoy. Now, I don’t mean you have to be as excited about working as you are about spending time with your family, or going to your favorite concert, or Christmas morning (but congrats if you are!).

But there is a difference between work you enjoy and work you absolutely hate doing. You’ll tackle your day with energy and excitement. You’ll do a better job at it. You’ll connect with your clients and gain their trust, testimonials, and referrals.

What are some of the tactics you learned that helped you gain traction in your business? Share in the comments below, or join the party on my Instagram and share there:

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Where Should I Market Myself?

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Book Review: Profit First

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26 Ways to Find Clients Now

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How to Prepare to Work with a Life Coach

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