What Exactly Does an Accountability Coach Do?

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We've all heard of an accountability coach in the fitness world. They keep you on track with your meal planning, health goals, and mindset. They're a combination of personal trainer, nutritionist, and life coach. Learn what does an accountability coach do in the business world (and a better question, do you need one?).

I've been pretty open here at Katrina Widener Coaching answering the question "What is a life coach?" If you need a refresher, check out this blog post where I dive into the question, or this Life Coach page to see what I do specifically. But one thing I haven't talked about so far is what an accountability coach is, and how every good life coach should be an accountability coach as well.

One of the biggest struggles we all deal with is having a mindset powerful enough to stay motivated and inspired on our work -- whatever kind of work that may be -- at any given point of time. We're human. We procrastinate, we struggle with time management, we let things fall through the cracks. An accountability coach is there to be the person you have to answer to when you don't get things done ...  and the one to motivate you to do them in the first place.

In the fitness industry, an accountability coach provides nutritional guidelines, workouts, and motivation to help you achieve weight loss goals. And it's obvious when someone doesn't follow through this their program, because frankly, there is no progress.

As a life coach, I provide accountability in a very similar way. After each coaching session, my clients are given homework that they need to get done before our next meeting. And as they finish each item, I ask for the proof. It's very psychological in two different ways: 1) When money exchanges hands, there's something on the line. You don't want to waste your hard earned cash, so you get it done. This is why I don't give refunds and I don't give discounts. 2) No one likes being the person to have admit that they didn't do their work. Having someone they have to admit that to completely changes the game. 

And at the end of the day, it's all worth it. Seeing your website completely transformed in the span of a few weeks, watching the clients that have eluded you roll in, feeling able to not only handle your business but excel at it -- there's no greater feeling than the look on someone's face when they realize they've achieved that goal of theirs. And that's what an accountability coach can do for you. 

What do you struggle holding yourself accountable for? As an accountability coach in Minneapolis, I'd love to find out what your pain points are! Share with me in the comments below, or join the party on my Instagram and share there: https://www.instagram.com/katrina.widener/ And don't forget to check out my accountability coach services!


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