The Importance of Finding Your Niche


So you've decided to start your business. That's awesome! But have you really gotten into depth about who your clientele is? Sure, it may seem limiting to, well, limit your focus to a couple specific traits. But in reality, it's incredibly freeing to only have to focus on one type of client. Here are some reasons why:

1. You can tailor everything (literally EVERYTHING) to your ideal client.
Website copy, photographs, advertising, social media -- literally every aspect of your brand should speak to your audience. So if you're trying to draw in every client under the sun, how can you truly resonate? You may not immediately know who you're going after (and that's okay!). But when you do narrow your focus, you'll be providing the content that has your audience nodding along with every word, every post, every photo.

2. You'll know more about them.
If you have a specific type of client, you'll be able to anticipate where they'll be spending their time. I work primarily with female entrepreneurs. Eliminating those happy in their 9-5 roles, those who are stay-at-home mothers, those who are still in college, makes it easier for me to find my clients. I don't have to send an Instagram post out into the ether hoping they'll stumble across it. I can use the right forums, Facebook groups, hashtags, etc. to make sure my content shows up right in front of them.

3. You can provide them with the value they need and are looking for.
I want my clients to walk away from our experience with all the tools they need to feel like they're done spinning their tires in the professional world. If I'm trying to cater to a wide audience, I won't be focused and honed in on the actual resources my clientele needs. If I coached entrepreneurs, and people going on a wellness journey, and hopefuls looking for a new relationship, I'd be juggling several balls in the air and it would be only a matter of time before one of them dropped. By focusing solely on entrepreneurs, I can spend my days learning more and constantly evolving my business to match their needs.

People are always wondering how they can grow their business and find new clients. There's no sales funnel, newsletter campaign, or SEO optimization that will be successful if you aren't providing your audience with what they actually need.

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