Learning to Trust Yourself

Self trust tips from life coach Katrina Widener

One of the hardest parts of straying from the path everyone else is on is the fact that they’re just as terrified of you doing your own thing as you are. And often times, they’ll try to push you back into the crowd as a way of looking out for you.

Don’t get me wrong. They love you, and they truly are trying to look out for you. Ignore them anyway.

Here is the truth. More than half of the people in the workforce do not feel fulfilled by their jobs. Almost half of relationships end in divorce. As a society, we do not do “the crowd” very well. Those people who are on top, those Oprahs and Malalas and Williams sisters, they left the crowd anyway. The world wants you to succeed, and everyone out there has the power to do it on their own.

When your mother, your girlfriend, your brother are telling you that starting your own business is crazy, or that most restaurants fail in their first year, or getting married after only six months will never work, they might be right. But ultimately, who has the power to make the situation work? You. They are your knee-jerk reaction to the fear. They are the same thing as throwing your arm out to the empty seat next to you when you slam on the breaks in the car. They are the same thing as jumping when your neighbor closes their front door. They’re the immediate reaction to protect yourself when something unknown is about to happen, and while it’s kind, and proof of their love for you, you need to trust yourself.

Now I’m not saying marry the guy after two days when you have a history of dating terrible people. But if you truly know deep down in your heart that this is the life you want, go for it. Be practical, but also say screw it and jump. Imagine what would happen if you weren’t afraid to fall. Imagine if you ended up flying instead.

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