Most Common Instagram Mistakes

Most common Instagram mistakes

One of the biggest ways to market yourself in today's world is social media -- Instagram in particular. Everyone knows the feeling when you have a new follower, like, or comment. So what are those things keeping you from getting as many hearts as you're hoping for? Here are some of the top mistakes I see on Instagram every day.

1. Low-Quality/Unedited Photos
One of the biggest setbacks on any Instagram account is photos that are out of focus, have bad lighting, or simply aren't good quality. Most iPhones now have high enough quality to take good pictures, but where most people go wrong is by not taking advantage of a good editing app. Some of my favorites are VSCO or Lightroom -- the filters on Instagram itself aren't quite enough. Lightroom (available with the Creative Cloud) fixes any lighting issues and gives it a professional effect. VSCO has its own filters and also allows for any editing (similar to what Photoshop can do!).

2. Not Utilizing Instagram Stories
Instagram posts are a great place to send a message to the world -- alert about a sale, showcase new product, tell a story, represent your brand. Instagram stories on the other hand allow your followers to get to know you. They get a look behind the scenes, and can connect to the truth about who you are, what you do every day, and what it is that makes them want to follow you. Some people may wonder what their life has to do with their business. You are your business, and therefore your life has to do with your business.

3. Using Hashtags the Wrong Way
Hashtags are a beautiful way to let people who aren't in your immediate circle know about your account and what you stand for. But often people don't use them to their best ability. A few tips: Don't make up your own hashtags (no one will find them!). Look at the hashtags you'd search or use to find people in the same profession -- and use these for your own posts. You want to make sure they're included, but aren't the most important part of the caption. So, add them to the end of your caption, or to a comment after the post. 

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