26 Ways to Find Clients Now

how to find clients now

It’s not exactly a secret that if polled, the number one thing many entrepreneurs would respond with when asked what they need more of would be clients. So how do you find them? Where do you go to meet that elusive ideal customer? Here are 26 ways you can draw in new clients:

1.     Be a guest on a podcast and provide your contact information for people to find you afterward

2.     Host a workshop or guest at someone else’s

3.     Find a referral partner (or many!) and trade referrals with other entrepreneurs

4.     Ask friends, family, new/past clients, colleagues, random people on the street for referrals

5.     Optimize your website for search engines (SEO)

6.     Offer a free consult or session to people curious about your services

7.     Attend meetup groups, conferences, masterminds, and social networking events for potential clients

8.     Reach out directly to a potential client and offer your services

9.     Write a guest blog on the website of someone who has access to your potential clients

10. Create an online advertisement to get your info in front of more people

11. Post regular, valuable content on social media accounts and use appropriate location tagging and hashtags to get in front of new clients

12.  Create an email list and provide meaningful information to clients

13. Work with a coach – and be an excellent client. They’ll refer you to other clients and contacts.

14. Work with your clients – and overdeliver. They’ll refer you to their contacts

15. Participate in a giveaway on your website or social media. It can drive new email subscriptions or followers

16. Produce valuable content in the form of a blog, podcast, vlog series, etc.

17. Speak or contribute to a conference to expose your business to the attendees.

18. Post testimonials on your website, in your newsletters, or on social media

19. Create a free webinar for potential clients

20. Ask clients to feature you in their social media to gain more exposure for your brand

21. Participate in Facebook groups and online forums related to your business field

22. Follow up with past connections and clients with a quick email to see if they have any need of your services

23. Create swag (a sticker for your laptop, a T-shirt with your logo on it, etc) to put out into the world. You’ll be surprised how many people will ask about it

24. Donate free sessions, consults, or other services to a giveaway hosted by a conference, networking meetup, or workshop

25. At events, add your business name, website, or social media handle to your name tag under your name

26. Tell everyone you know about your business. The more you talk, the more they’ll think of you when an opportunity arises

What way works best for your business? Share in the comments below, or join the party on my Instagram and share there: https://www.instagram.com/katrina.widener/

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