How I Incorporate Self Care into My Life

top self care ideas and tips

This is not a list of self care tips for taking care of you (although if it inspires you, bonus!). This is a list of how I have shifted, grown, overcome, and inspired myself to take care of me. This is a list of the best self care tips for Katrina Widener, life coach. And Katrina Widener, person. It’s one of the top questions I get: “How do you incorporate self care into your own routine when your job is to take care of others?” You see, it’s not cookie cutter. Self care looks different for each person. These are the best things I’ve ever done (in no particular order) to take care of me. Let me know in the comments what are the best things you’ve done to take care of you?

  1. Set this boundary, and started to enforce it: “I don't have to anticipate the needs of others at the cost of my own emotions”

  2. I limited the number of clients I allow myself to take a month. If I go over that number, I know I won’t be providing the best quality to them or taking care of myself properly.

  3. I started paying attention to my diet. About 90% of the time, I need to avoid yeast, lactose, sugar, and coffee. It sounds annoying, but my quality of life is a million times better when I stick to it.

  4. I stopped feeling guilt for that other 10%. White frosted donuts with sprinkles, come my way.

  5. I got a new, fluffy Buffy comforter for my bed. No, this is not an ad. But it’s amazingly soft and keeps me cool at night, and now I sleep like a dang babe.

  6. I started taking multiple baths a week. Like, at least 1-3. It builds in time where I’m only responsible for me. A guaranteed 20 minutes to read my book, indulge in pure relaxation, and simply be. It’s not an escape, it’s a routine that eliminates the need for a future escape.

  7. Quit my job and started my own business. Literally changed my own life for the better.

  8. Started intentionally trying to leave my phone face down with the ringer off. There’s almost nothing that can’t wait an hour.

  9. Stopped automatically believing my brain. About the things it says about me, about others, about the rules of the world. Questioning myself never felt so good.

  10. Found regular places I can contribute to a community, feel heard, and hear others.

  11. Color coded my books. And the apps on my phone. Sweet, sweet simplicity.

  12. Decided to view personal development as if it was as important as developing relationships with the people around me. Turns out, I’m a pretty fun person to be friends with.

  13. Stopped viewing vulnerability as weakness. Being soft is actually the hardest strength to master.

  14. Learned how to make my own London Fog (earl grey with vanilla and milk) at home and stopped buying it at coffee shops. I get to control the ingredients and the price of my favorite warm-up.

  15. Traveled. A lot. It really brings things into perspective on just how important it is to respect each others’ differences. It grows my worldview and I learn about new cultures and it’s simply fun.

  16. Learned how to motivate myself. And learned that I’m not lazy if I’m not motivated the same way someone else is. Seriously, a game changer.

  17. I learned the distinction between who I am and who my brain is. I don’t have to listen to my brain. I don’t have to let it call the shots. I get to call the shots.

Share some of the best things you’ve ever done for yourself in the comments below, or join the party on my Instagram and share there:

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